The anchors of my flesh still hold me down.

Dragons. Music. Friends. Rum. Sci Fi. Reading. Kittens. CHANEL COCO MADEMOISELLE. Traveling. hXC. Kissing In The Rain. Gigs. MAC Russian Red Lipstick. Yoga. Boston Terriers. Adventures. Dancing. Good times. Pirates. National Geographic. Boxing.

#100happydays Day 29 cuddles with Binks
#100happydays Day 28 getting a few things signed off for level 1 windsurfing even if there was no wind all week
#100happydays Day 27 finding and eating the best ice cream biscuit sandwich thing. Nom!
#100happydays day 26 watching my brother walk around in snorkel
#100happydays Day 25 pancakes and cherries for breakfast
#100happydays Day 24 visiting Kas
#100happydays Day 23 Olympic sized infinity pool that doesn’t work because of the trees. Good effort tho.  (at Neilson Club Andriake Beach)
#100happydays Day22 wearing my new Rose Quartz pendant which I purchased from @fillthe_soul  (at Neilson Club Andriake Beach)
#100happydays Day 21 seat upgrade = more leg room  (at Manchester Airport)
#100happydays Day 20 getting greeted by these two after a 20hr day 😻